Our Robots


Our 2022 Pendik Off-Season robot for Rapid React was themed around shooting Cargo’s into hubs and hanging on rungs at the end of the match. Thanks to our swerve modules, we could move quickly around the target in the middle of the field. In addition to our maneuvering ability, we had a 35-degree adjustable hood and 400-degree freedom turret which provide us an opportunity to shoot the Cargos to the higher hub rapidly!


Our 2020 robot for Infinite Recharge was designed to be reliable and fast. Combined with our fast, efficient and code-dependent cascade elevator, our robot was able to place cargo pieces in no time!


Our 2019 robot for Destination: Deep Space was designed to be reliable and fast. Its primary objective was to fill in the cargo-ships as fast as possible every match (7-8 game pieces per match), while still being able to reach all the 3 levels of the rocket ships. Its wide cargo intake enhanced, and therefore expedited, the cargo-intake process. Furthermore, the cargo intake was attached to a wrist mechanism for a better, more precise placement of the cargo. 

Mr. Pink v2.0 2017-2018

Our robot was fully focused on completing the power cube tasks. Thanks to its intake mechanism, which was composed of 2 elastic wheels that were powerfully rotated by redline motors, the cubes would vacuum into our robot’s arm.


12 Hours

Our robot for Istanbul Off-Season 2018 was designed to both play the scale and switches. Due to our unfortunate building time of only 12 hours, our team could only assemble a part of the elevator system.