Kızların Da Yeri Var

Kızların Da Yeri Var

Kızların da Yeri Var is an awareness project initiated by Robert College FRC Team ARC #6014 against gender inequality in STEM. The aim of this project is to reveal issues such as gender perception preventing girls from turning to STEM fields, and lack of role models and mentors in the field, and to create resources and opportunities for disadvantaged children to develop themselves in STEM.


In our FIRST4Her project, we taught Fusion360 and Java to our high school prep class female students and gave them the opportunity to experience FIRST and ARC 6014. We are currently working on expanding our project to different schools and expanding our impact area.

Women Up Summit

At the Woman UP Summit, which emerged with the motto ‘Women can do it’, we hosted inspiring female speakers who have achieved success in different fields in the business world by breaking down gender perceptions, working to ensure gender equality.

Gender Equality in Professions IGTV Videos

We have started a video series where we talk to successful women in professions that are characterized by society as “Women can’t do it!” and discuss what it is like to be a woman in their sector, the sexist discourses of society on this subject and the imbalance of gender distribution within the sector.