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Every year Robert College graduates set out to universities all around the world to continue their studies after high school. Our dedicated members continue to follow the idea of FIRST and STEM all through their lives with the projects they participate in, volunteering, internships and other programs.

Our graduates are studying at the following schools: University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, University of Waterloo, Koç University, Vanderbilt University, University of Toronto, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, New York University, Georgia Institute of Technology. Our robotics family extends from Canada, to USA, England, Scotland and throughout Turkey.

Our graduates mostly lean towards Computer Science and different engineering fields, yet there are also students who study other fields, such as psychology. The foundation they acquired as a FIRST participant helped our students to not only excel at and pursue STEM but also apply the work ethic and problem solving skills they developed in many other fields.

Team 6014 members all around the world are slowly becoming the pioneers of technology with the curiosity that sparked within them in high school and continues on in university.

Even though there are thousands of kilometres between our school and our graduates, they never miss an opportunity to mentor us or other teams. They are our friends, our team members, our mentors, our family and the future of our world.