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For us, ARC is more than a high-school robotics team. ARC is a small company that provides us an environment in which we not only design and build robots and plan projects to help our community, but also share our unique ideas and reach the advanced and knowledgeable corporations. We make connections with Robert College graduates, our alumni and local corporations around our school as well as nationwide and global ones, we tell our story and ask for help and cooperation. This year, we have contacted with companies such as Vestel, Samsung, Çimtaş Pipe, Keskin Color, Kardeş Elektrik, Derin Endüstriyel, Korkmaz Çelik, Ruck and Maul, Turkish Airlines, Ericsson, Finansbank, and Elif Tasarım for any kind of support to our team and or projects.

Throughout this process, some of these companies have been generous enough to support us financially, whether this is for our long travel to the US or for the community service that we do all around Turkey. They always try to support us as much as possible in order to spread the robotics spirit all around the country. With such support, we not only have a chance to share the current technological advancements to young and old, but we also use these donations to help newly developed teams by having them in our team sessions and teaching how the competition works so that they can be future teams of the First Robotics Competition. We also create new projects with our connections in order to improve our influence in our community. For example, we developed a Menu in Braille Alphabet project in collaboration with Bodrum Mantı. We took their menu, made a Braille version of it and gave it to them for the purpose of making blind people’s life easier in our community. With this idea, we would like to reach more restaurants and spread this trend!

Ultimately sponsors are a very important aspect of our team. With their help and generous support, we not only exist as high school team but an active part of our community, a dynamic team of young and enthusiastic minds. Our constant search for sponsors and contacts make us more involved and more motivated about our vision and mission.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our sponsors.



















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