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2017-2018 Season

Regional 2018

Name: Mr. Pink

FRC Game: FIRST Power Up

Specification:  Our robot was fully focused on completing the power cube tasks. Thanks to its intake mechanism, which was composed of 2 elastic wheels that were powerfully rotated by redline motors, the cubes would vacuum into our robot’s arm. These cubes would then be propelled towards the power-up cube opening parallel to the ground, rotated just a little bit by our expansive arm to drop it into the switch, or by a large margin to drop it into the scale. In any way, this could only be achieved by using powerful gear motors that were attached to the shaft of the aluminum profile arms. Our approach while building this robot was to maximize its reliability and effectiveness so that we would trust our robot, as well as ourselves, to perform at its best in every match.

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Off-Season 2017

Name: Pink Panther

FRC Game: FIRST Steamworks

Specification: This robot is specialized in receiving gears from the Loading Lanes and bringing them to the airships. It can climb the airships using a one-way bearing mechanism. The climbing mechanism is equipped with a hook and loop fastener system for a stronger grip.

Pink Panther is the combination of engineering excellence and simplicity. This specific design enables the efficient performance both on delivering gears and getting on the airship on time. One of the most important aspects of Pink Panther is its wooden gear collecting mechanism. As wood is light, compared to aluminum, Pink Panther is able to move faster than any other robot. It has six tires and uses four CIM Motors to move. The climbing mechanism is the best that has been designed: Climbing time of 6 seconds through the 1.2- meter rope. Pink Panther was designed in three weeks, drawn using SolidWorks. It was built in two weeks and completed in a total of six weeks including the final touches.

2016-2017 Season

Regional 2017

FRC Game: FIRST Steamworks

Specifications:This robot was built when RC Robotics was part of a larger team called SPARC. It could carry gears to the airship and climb during the End Game. It could also carry fuel to the low target and dump it.


Off-Season 2016

FRC Game: Rack ’n Roll

Specification:This robot could place toroidal game pieces onto a metal contraption which is in the middle of the playing field. It had a long gripper between two panels, which were used to lift other robots during the End Game.


2015-2016 Season

Regional 2016

Name: Mr. Robort

FRC Game: FIRST Stronghold

Specification: Mr. Robort could shoot the boulders at high and low tower goals. It could cross many defenses including the Portcullis, the Moat, the Drawbridge and the Low Bar.

Off-Season 2015

Name: Mrs. Robort

FRC Game: Aim High

Specification: Mrs. Robort could receive balls from human players and shoot them into the goals. A vertical elevator lifted the balls and sended them to the shooting mechanism. Two rotating cylinders gripped and accelerated the balls.