ARC #6014


Who Are We?

Since it was founded in 2015, Robert College Robotics Team ARC has been competing in the robotics competition, FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) organized by FIRST Foundation. It has been achieving success in Off-season and Regional Rounds. Consisting of 23 students and 2 mentors, the team was finalist in 2018 Istanbul Regional by winning “Wildcard Award” held in Ülker Sports Arena. The team qualified for the FRC Championship in Houston, Texas.

Team Mission

  • Creating innovative projects in our club in technological and scientific areas, especially robotics;
  • Representing our country and Robert College in the FIRST Robotics Competition best way possible;
  • Exhibiting our robots and projects in national and international competitions;
  • Giving middle school and high school students ideas about their future by introducing them to engineering  

Team Mission

    As ARC 6014, we believe that technology is the magic of the modern world, and the magicians of this century will be the ones who shape the future. Hence, our main purpose is to inspire and train the magicians of the future by building STEM skills that inspire innovation while nourishing curiosity, creativity, perseverance, risk-taking, openness, self-confidence, communication, and leadership


Imagery Award

Istanbul Regional

Engineering Inspiration Award

Bosphorus Regional 2019

Dean's List Finalist Award

Bosphorus Regional 2019

Entrepreneurship Award
Turkish Offseason


Istanbul Regional 2018

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