ARC #6014



  • Creating innovative projects in our club in technological and scientific areas, especially robotics;
  • Representing our country and Robert College in the FIRST Robotics Competition best way possible;
  • Exhibiting our robots and projects in national and international competitions;
  • Giving middle school and high school students ideas about their future by introducing them to engineering  


As ARC 6014, we believe that technology is the magic of the modern world, and the magicians of this century will be the ones who shape the future. Hence, our main purpose is to inspire and train the magicians of the future by building STEM skills that inspire innovation while nourishing curiosity, creativity, perseverance, risk-taking, openness, self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

About Us

Our team has its roots in RC Roboteam, established in 2015. In 2015, we participated in Turkish Offseason and New York City Regional and won the Rookie Inspiration award in the New York City Regional. A year after, we expanded and became a new team SPaRC: A joint team consisting of Lycee Sainte-Pulcherie and Robert College. The teams united to make the best use of their strengths. As SPaRC, we participated in Turkish Offseason. We were given Entrepreneurship award, 5000 dollar to be used in our efforts for Regional competition.



Imagery Award

Entrepreneurship Award


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